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Rest in Beer – Prototype

Rest In Beer Title

You’re Beer Bob, and your job is to keep the brewery at night. But some annoying customers really won’t leave the place -worse, they even try to steal your barrel!

Beerbob screen

This man wants to steal your beer. Push him!

Get rid of them by pushing them in the pool of beer down the platform, using your beer-gun, beer-grenades, beer-rockets or other various weapons you’re randomly given when you launch the game!

This prototype was made during our second Unexpected Game Jam, which lasted 48 hours with the theme “Beer brewery“. As a game designer, my job here was (and still is) to quickly write a document summerizing our needs in terms of metrics and gameplay elements, and then to balance them in game. As a game builder I integrated lots of stuff, from graphic assets to particle systems.

Rest In Beer Art Everypony

Family portrait: Ale Ina, Beer Bob and the Mc Drunks!

You can download the prototype at triiiniteam.itch.io/rest-in-beer!

We are currently working on a better version with improved graphics, more enemies, less bugs, a real balance between weapons, a score screen and another player character called Ale Ina!

Triii – Work in progress

Triii Event Design

Have you always wanted to feel like a tree? To host koalas, to control people with your pheromons, to throw pine cones on tourists, to be one with the wind?

Triii New DA Search Menu_04

Skill tree!

Don’t worry, be happy! Triii is here for you!

Triii is a RPG-tree-simulator which allows you to grow from seed to tree through entire eras in a menacing environment full of beavers and lumberjacks. Use your photosynthesis points to develop your skills and resist to the absurd numerous events waiting for you! Will you become a charismatic leader praised by a pack of hippies, or an evil lord feared by its enemies? It’s up to you to make your way through life through hard graft…

Triii is currently in development by the Triiiniteam with Unity 3D. As a Game Designer and a Writer, my job is to define the way the tree is meant to grow, what it needs and what it consumes, what kind of “skills” it develops over the time. And more importantly, what kind of events will happen and what will be their effects, how it will influence the development of your tree and even its alignment. And then of course to write them and put them in the game.

Triii World Color Test 01

Color test for each era of Triii

Since it is my first simulator game, I have a bit of trouble when trying balance everything, but I plan to spend as much time as needed on it to smooth every parameter. What’s sure is that I rarely had as much fun as that when working on a project.

I don’t have any release date to give you, but if you want to follow our project, you can check out our Facebook or our Twitter!

All pictures here are work-in-progress and are meant to change once in the game.

Internship Mania – Prototype


You’ve just finished your studies and it’s now time for you to start the end-of-term internship that will lead you to your professional life. Try to get as much experience as you can to succed in validating your internship and (maybe even) getting a job!

Internship screen

Hey, you, colleague, don’t get bored! I brought you a coffee! Now teach me please!

Reach to your colleagues and find ways to bribe them so they can share their knowledge with you, while avoiding to annoy your boss so he won’t fire you! You don’t have much time… Pay attention to your environment, and maybe, maybe, you’ll manage to survive your internship!

This game was made during our first Unexpected Game Jam, which lasted 48 hours with the theme “The austerity of a loser“. It then took 48 more hours more to complete and polish the game you can now play at triiiniteam.itch.io/internship-mania.

Chuck the carnivorous plant

Chuck, our talking flytrap. Or… interntrap maybe?

As a game and level designer, I had to quickly come up with a document detailling our gameplay and metrics, and then to compose a level which would act as a kind of labyrinth while still looking like an open space.

In the future we would like to complete this prototype with two or three more levels, a new tutorial, better feedbacks and a better balance.

Azure – Glitch Out #1



Glitch Out is a free French review from the website Le Renard Loquace about short stories and videogames. Each edition is dedicated to one indie game (it is The Girl and the Robot in the first edition and it will be Transistor in the second one), with a preview or a test of the game and an interview with the developers. There is also a call for short stories with a theme in relation with the game. However stories in Glitch Out are not fanfictions : they share their subjects with the game but they have their own background, their own questions, their own identity.

Azure is a short story about a little girl lost in a post-apocalyptic world, where rain is her worst enemy. It can destroy entire buildings and people wandering carelessly in the outside will probably never return. The only way to be safe is to find a shelter covered with ivy, which is not affected by rain. But ivy tends to leave quickly the inhabited places, forcing people to constantly move from one building to another. The story begins when Azure’s mother doesn’t come back and the little girl has to move to the next shelter all alone.

Current call for short stories is under the theme “Une voix, des voies” (One voice, many paths).

You can read it here. Good reading !

Brutus et Futée



Brutus et Futée is a point&click for 3DS developped by Artefacts Studio, in which you have to help two retired cartoon characters, Brutus the brawn and Futée the brain, to retrieve their life full of adventures. Lead them to the lost pages of their last script! Keep them alive through all the traps they encounter on the way! Bring their past glory back!

The game works as a kind of point&click. Each level is built as a scene from a movie thatBrutus goes wrong (it generally ends with Brutus, or Futée, or both of them dying in a horrible though bloodless way). Then it rewinds and it’s up to you to set things right, by putting the right object in the right place, by drawing and erasing elements of the scene or by tapping your screen at the right time in order to trigger some helpful events – and to avoid a painful death. If you fail, then the scene rewinds once again. Each scene has several endings, but only one will allow you to continue your adventure!

I worked on this project as a Level Builder, I had to sequence all the elements in scenes so that they happen in the right order, at the right time when a player does something, whatever it may be. We used a home-made middleware, property of Artefacts Studio, which allowed us to manipulate precisely the animations we had to sequence. Thus I had to work closely with both programmers responsible for the maintenance of our tool and animators working on the project.

I really enjoyed my time working on it. If you want to have a look, you can check it on the Nintendo e-shop!

Gus, A vol d’oiseau – Artefacts studio

feature_banner_frGus – A vol d’oiseau is a game developped by Artefacts Studio and TeamTO with Unity3D. It takes place in the same universe as the movie Gus – Petit oiseau, grande aventure directed by TeamTO.


In Gus, you will travel from North to South, from Europe to Africa in a great migration full of dangers. The gameplay was inspired by Star Fox 64: you control one of the four unlockable birds in sixteen levels, always moving forward, leaving you the task to gather all bonuses on your way and avoid every danger.

As a Level Designer I had to complete the level design documents that the Game Designer had started and create some of the levels along with another Level Designer.

If you want to learn more, check out TeamTO’s official website!

Garfield Kart, Fast&Furry – Artefacts Studio

garfield.kart_.fast_.and_.furry_Garfield Kart – Fast&Furry is a racing game for iOS and Android developped by Artefacts Studio with Unity3D.

Join Garfield and his friends in their race for victory! Use your best steering techniques gkpuzzleto win lots of challenges. Skids, pie throws, bouncy springs, explosive diamonds… your driving skills will be totally tested!

Garfield Kart – Fast&Furry is a freemium update to the original Garfield Kart. As a Level Designer I had to create, build and test the eighty new challenges the player would have to face, after the rules the Game Designer had defined.

If you want to have a look, you can check it on the Android Play Store or the iOS Appstore!

Corpse Run – Global Game Jam

fond_texteCorpse Run is an infiltration game developped during the Global Game Jam 2015 with Unity 3D by team Blblbl, a large team of ten developpers. I was one of two game/level designers along with my friend Mickaël Baud.

Corpse Run Screen

Oops! What do we do now?

In Corpse Run, you control a pair of characters, Bernie and Claude, that ran over some guy and crashed their vehicle. Now they have a corpse to hide and a town full of police ,officers to cross in order to get rid of the dead man. Of course they’ll have to drag the corpse as stealthly as possible, which won’t be as easy as planned. The corpse seems to have some difficulties to accept his death and cannot be left alone, or else he will make a lot of noise and attract a lot of police officers. Bernie and Claude will have to make sure he stays quiet and hidden while they explore their environment to find a way out…


Let’s hide him in that rubbish skip, honey.

The gameplay of Corpse Run allows you to control two characters at the same time. The goal is to reach the end of the level with the body without being caught by the police. You’ll have to drag and hide the body, open doors, find sideways, avoid civilians as much as possible, at least while you carry the corpse, and stay in the shadows. As a Game and Level Designer, I designed game mechanics and built some of the levels you can play in the prototype. I am still developping it with Mickaël.

If you want to check out the prototype, you can find it on the Global Game Jam website! I recommand you play it with a pad.

La Banshee – A.O.C. #32



A.O.C stands for Aventures Oniriques et Compagnies. It is a French review dedicated to SFFF (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Fantastic) short stories. A.O.C. is published by Présence d’Esprit, which defines itself as a “club trying to connect all people passionate about SFFF”. You can visit there website here. Warning : it’s all in French.

Here’s the quick summary of La Banshee you’ll find on A.O.C. Again, if you wish to read the complete story, I have to warn you that it is written in French. You can find it here.

“Tonight, there is a drop of poison in my infusion. Maybe if I stand at death’s doors the banshee will come for me.
The mist haunting the valleys reminds me memories of flames and death, of my country, of my past, of my losses. Memories of a goddess warrior who meddled with my life, at a time when I had no more desire to live…”

La Banshee is a short story about scandinavian and celtic myths melt together, about a woman who needs to travel far away, about friendship and treason. I hope you will enjoy it, because I am really fond of this story.